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2018 Trainings

We are happy to announce the location and date of our annual European IDA trainings. They will be held in the Penta Hotel, in December 2018:

The tranining will have the theoretical and practical parts. After each section of the theoretical material, there will be hands-on exercises for deep understanding of the learned concepts and methods. We updated the training to include the latest additions: for example, the Bochs and Windbg debuggers will be covered. Also there will be more scripting exercises (in Python too).

The training will be held in Penta Hotel, Liege, Belgium.

Please use this link to book your room.

The training costs

  • 3510 EUR (3900 USD) standard training
  • 2339 EUR (2599 USD) advanced training

This includes: the class fee, the training handbook and exercises, lunch and coffee breaks.

The order form is available here: and

You will get a 10% discount if you order before 31 October 2018.


  • An IDA license with active support period. There is no need to bring your copy of IDA with you, we will provide you with the latest version at the class. The package will include a free time-limited copy of the decompiler.
  • Please bring your laptop with you. For the programming class, we will ask you to have a C++ compiler installed (Visual Studio on windows, g++ on linux & OS X.)

Standard IDA training (3 days)

IDA - the binary software analysis tool

Who should attend: Security Engineers, Security Software Developers, Researchers, Forensic Specialists, Virus Analysts, Software Validators

Prerequisites: good x86 assembly knowledge, basics MS Windows API, basic programming skills in any procedural programming languages (C/C++ is preferred)

This training will demonstrate the use of IDA to analyze binary programs on modern operating systems. While the training will be mainly focused on Microsoft Windows programs, the skills taught are universal and usable on other IDA supported platform.

The following topics will be covered:

Standard Course Outline:

The training material has been updated to cover the latest additions to IDA.

Programming for IDA (2 days)

IDA - extending and building upon it

Who should attend: Security Engineers, Security Software Developers, Researchers, Forensic Specialists, Virus Analysts, Software Validators

Prerequisites: IDA user skills, programming skills in C/C++ languages

This training is intended for experienced IDA users who want to take advantage of its open architecture by extending and improving it. You will learn how to write modules to modify the listing, react to events, decrypt/uncompress data right in the database, and many other things. After the course you will have solid understanding of its concepts, classes, and programming interface.

We will implement several useful plugins. Be prepared to program a lot in this training!

C/C++ programming skills as well as solid reverse engineering experience are required.

The Speaker

Mr. Igor Skochinsky is a software developer at Hex-Rays. He is an important member of the team behind IDA and knows it very well. Mr. Skochinsky's expertise and crystal clear presentations ensure that after attending the training you will have a solid foundation to build upon.

What our students say

"Excellent training. Would recommend highly."

"Great class to learn about the powerful features of IDA."

"Very organized, excellent selection of exercises. They build on one another."

"It was the best reverse engineering course I have ever attended."

"Come prepared. A lot was covered. Learning environment was excellent. Staff are very professional. Learned & gained new skills."

"It is a great course for not only using the tool, but for general understanding of binaries."

"This class is indispensible to a beginning RE, make sure to brush up on assembly instructions and concepts."

Order Forms

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