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argtinfo_helper_t Member List

This is the complete list of members for argtinfo_helper_t, including all inherited members.

is_stkarg_load(const insn_t &insn, int *src, int *dst)=0argtinfo_helper_tpure virtual
reserved (defined in argtinfo_helper_t)argtinfo_helper_t
set_op_tinfo(const insn_t &insn, const op_t &x, const tinfo_t &tif, const char *name)=0argtinfo_helper_tpure virtual
use_arg_tinfos(ea_t caller, func_type_data_t *fti, funcargvec_t *rargs)argtinfo_helper_tinline
~argtinfo_helper_t() (defined in argtinfo_helper_t)argtinfo_helper_tinlinevirtual