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action_activation_ctx_t Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Instances of this class will be filled with information that is commonly used by actions when they need to be activated.

This is so they don't have to perform (possibly) costly operations more than once.

Inherits action_ctx_base_t.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from action_ctx_base_t
TWidget * widget
twidget_type_t widget_type
 type of current widget
qstring widget_title
 title of current widget
sizevec_t chooser_selection
 current chooser selection (0-based)
const char * action
 action name
uint32 cur_flags
 Current address information. More...
ea_t cur_ea
 the current EA of the position in the view
ea_t cur_extracted_ea
 the possible EA the cursor is positioned on
 the current function
 the current function chunk
 the current structure
 the current structure member
enum_t cur_enum
 the current enum
 the current segment
struct {
   twinpos_t   from
 start of selection
   twinpos_t   to
 end of selection
 the currently selected range. also see ACF_HAS_SELECTION
union {
   int   reg
 register number (if widget_type == BWN_CPUREGS and context menu opened on register)
TWidget * focus
 The focused widget in case it is not the 'form' itself (e.g., the 'quick filter' input in choosers.)
void * reserved
 For possible future extension.
- Public Member Functions inherited from action_ctx_base_t
 action_ctx_base_t ()
void reset ()
 Invalidate all context info.
bool has_flag (uint32 flag) const
 Check if the given flag is set.

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