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strlist.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Functions that deal with the string list.

While the kernel keeps the strings list, it does not update it. The string list is not used by the kernel because keeping it up-to-date would slow down IDA without any benefit.

The users of this list should build_strlist() before accessing it.


struct  strwinsetup_t
 Structure to keep string list parameters. More...
struct  string_info_t
 Information about one string from the string list. More...


idaman strwinsetup_t *ida_export get_strlist_options ()
 Get access to the static string list options.
idaman void ida_export build_strlist ()
 Build the string list. More...
idaman void ida_export clear_strlist ()
 Clear the string list.
idaman size_t ida_export get_strlist_qty (void)
 Get number of elements in the string list.
idaman bool ida_export get_strlist_item (string_info_t *si, size_t n)
 Get nth element of the string list (n=0..get_strlist_qty()-1)

Function Documentation

idaman void ida_export build_strlist ( )

Build the string list.

You should initialize options before this call using the restore_config() or setup_strings_window() methods.