place_t Member List

This is the complete list of members for place_t, including all inherited members.

adjust(void *ud)=0place_tpure virtual
beginning(void *ud) const =0place_tpure virtual
clone(void) const =0place_tpure virtual
compare(const place_t *t2) const =0place_tpure virtual
copyfrom(const place_t *from)=0place_tpure virtual
deserialize(const uchar **pptr, const uchar *end)=0place_tpure virtual
ending(void *ud) const =0place_tpure virtual
enter(uint32 *) const place_tinlinevirtual
generate(qstrvec_t *out, int *out_deflnnum, color_t *out_pfx_color, bgcolor_t *out_bgcolor, void *ud, int maxsize) const =0place_tpure virtual
id() const =0place_tpure virtual
leave(uint32) const place_tinlinevirtual
makeplace(void *ud, uval_t x, int lnnum) const =0place_tpure virtual
name() const =0place_tpure virtual
next(void *ud)=0place_tpure virtual
place_t(int ln)place_tinline
prev(void *ud)=0place_tpure virtual
print(qstring *out_buf, void *ud) const =0place_tpure virtual
rebase(const segm_move_infos_t &)place_tinlinevirtual
serialize(bytevec_t *out) const =0place_tpure virtual
toea() const place_tinlinevirtual
touval(void *ud) const =0place_tpure virtual