Convert operand to a complex offset expression
This is a more powerful version of op_plain_offset() function.
It allows to explicitly specify the reference type (off8, off16, etc)
and the expression target with a possible target delta.
The complex expressions are represented by IDA in the following form:
        target + tdelta - base
If the target is not present, then it will be calculated using target = operand_value - tdelta + base The target must be present for LOW.. and HIGH.. reference types ea - linear address of the instruction/data n - number of operand to convert (the same as in op_plain_offset) reftype - one of REF_... constants target - an explicitly specified expression target. if you don't want to specify it, use -1. Please note that LOW... and HIGH... reference type requre the target. base - the offset base (a linear address) tdelta - a displacement from the target which will be displayed in the expression.

success op_offset(long ea, int n, long reftype, long target, long base, long tdelta);

#define REF_OFF8 0 // 8bit full offset #define REF_OFF16 1 // 16bit full offset #define REF_OFF32 2 // 32bit full offset #define REF_LOW8 3 // low 8bits of 16bit offset #define REF_LOW16 4 // low 16bits of 32bit offset #define REF_HIGH8 5 // high 8bits of 16bit offset #define REF_HIGH16 6 // high 16bits of 32bit offset #define V695_REF_VHIGH 7 // obsolete #define V695_REF_VLOW 8 // obsolete #define REF_OFF64 9 // 64bit full offset // note: processor modules or plugins may register additional // custom reference types (for example, REF_HIGHA16 is // used by MIPS, SPARC, PPC, ALPHA, TRICORE, etc.) #define REFINFO_RVA 0x10 // based reference (rva) #define REFINFO_PASTEND 0x20 // reference past an item // it may point to an nonexistitng address // do not destroy alignment dirs #define REFINFO_NOBASE 0x80 // offset base is a number // implies that base have be any value // nb: base xrefs are created only if base // points to the middle of a segment #define REFINFO_SUBTRACT 0x0100 // the reference value is subtracted from // the base value instead of (as usual) // being added to it #define REFINFO_SIGNEDOP 0x0200 // the operand value is sign-extended (only // supported for REF_OFF8/16/32/64)

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