Convert item (instruction/data) to unexplored bytes.
The whole item (including the head and tail bytes) will be destroyed.
It is allowed to pass any address in the item to this function
     ea     - any address within the item to delete
     flags  - combination of DELIT_... constants
     nbytes - number of bytes in the range to be undefined
returns: number of undefined items

long del_items(ea_t ea, long flags=0, long nbytes=1);

#define DELIT_SIMPLE 0x0000 // simply undefine the specified item #define DELIT_EXPAND 0x0001 // propogate undefined items, for example // if removing an instruction removes all // references to the next instruction, then // plan to convert to unexplored the next // instruction too. #define DELIT_DELNAMES 0x0002 // delete any names at the specified // address range (except for the starting // address). this bit is valid if nbytes > 1 #define DELIT_NOTRUNC 0x0004 // don't truncate the current function

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