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This dialog allows you to customize the color settings.
 GUI version:
IDA keeps the color configuration in the registry. There are 3 predefined schemes. The user can modify the existing schemes or add his own schemes. New schemes should be added to the "themes" subdirectory in IDA.
 Text version:
IDA keeps colors in file IDACOLOR.CF. This file may reside in the IDA directory or in the current directory. It is a binary file. IDA automatically saves all your changes into this file.

If the current item line prefix has "black on black" color, then the current item will not be highlighted. The same is with current line color - if it is "black on black", the current line will not be highlighted.

You can change the colors using the Customize button. You may have up to 4 different color palettes and switch between them on fly. The color palette is saved in IDACOLOR.CF file.

Each line prefix has its own color code depending on the current item: (the fourth color palette values are shown)

 Line prefixes
   Library function             BRIGHT CYAN ON BLUE
   Regular function             WHITE ON BLUE
   Instruction                  BROWN ON BLUE
   Data                         WHITE ON BLUE
   Unexplored                   WHITE ON BLACK
   Externs                      BRIGHT MAGENTA ON BLUE
   Current item                 BRIGHT BLUE ON BLUE
   Current line                 YELLOW ON BLUE
   Default                      BLACK ON BLACK (not used)
If the "current item" or "current line" are BLACK ON BLACK, then they will not be highlighted.

The rest of the line is colored with the following codes:

   Instruction                  WHITE ON BLUE
   Directive                    YELLOW ON BLUE
   Macro name                   MAGENTA ON BLUE
   Register name                WHITE ON BLUE
   Other                        WHITE ON BLUE
   Dummy data                   WHITE ON BLUE
   Dummy code                   WHITE ON BLUE
   Dummy unexplored             MAGENTA ON BLUE
   Hidden                       GREY ON BLUE
   Library function             BRIGHT CYAN ON BLUE
   Local variable               GREEN ON BLUE
   Regular data                 YELLOW ON BLUE
   Regular code                 YELLOW ON BLUE
   Regular unexplored           RED ON BLUE
   Demangled                    BRIGHT GREEN ON BRIGHT BLUE
   Segment name                 YELLOW ON BLUE
   Imported name                LIGHT MAGENTA ON BLUE
   Suspicious                   BRIGHT RED ON BLUE
   Char in instruction          BRIGHT CYAN ON BLUE
   String in instruction        BRIGHT CYAN ON BLUE
   Number in instruction        BRIGHT GREEN ON BLUE
   Char in data                 BRIGHT GREEN ON BLUE
   String in data               BRIGHT GREEN ON BLUE
   Number in data               WHITE ON BLUE
   Code                         GREEN ON BLUE
   Data                         CYAN ON BLUE
   Code to tail                 BRIGHT RED ON BLUE
   Data to tail                 MAGENTA ON BLUE
   Automatic                    BROWN ON BLUE
   Regular                      BRIGHT WHITE ON BLUE
   Repeatable                   BROWN ON BLUE
   Extra line                   YELLOW ON BLUE
   Punctuation                  WHITE ON BLUE
   Opcode bytes                 BRIGHT GREEN ON BLUE
   Manual operand               BRIGHT WHITE ON BLUE
   Errors                       RED ON BLACK
   Selected                     BLACK ON WHITE
   Default                      YELLOW ON BLUE
(Other,Default) color code is used if a token has no color attached to it.

See also Options submenu.

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