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 Action    name: OpenStructures
This command opens the structure definitions window.

You can modify structure definitions here: add/rename/delete structures, add/delete/define structure members.

Each structure must have a unique name. A field name must be unique in the structure. In order to create or delete a field, use data definitions commands (data, string literal, array, undefine, Rename). You may also define regular or repeatable comments.

In order to modify member types, use commands from the Edit|Operand types... submenu. For example, to convert a structure member to an offset, use one of the following commands:

      Convert to offset (automatic)
      Convert to offset (from a segment base)
      Convert to offset (complex offset expression)
Some struct types in this window are created automatically by IDA. They are copies of some local types. Such structs are displayed in gray. They are considered as C-level types. As soon as the user edits such a type, it becomes an ASM-level type. Read more.

In the structure header IDA displays the following info:

  - the structure size in bytes
  - the alignment
  - for C level types: copyof_XX where XX is the ordinal type number.
  - for ASM level types: mappedto_XX where XX is the ordinal type number.
    It is possible to jump to the corresponding local type by pressing Enter.
  - for types copied from standard type libraries: "standard type"
See also View|Open subviews submenu.
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