Functions window

 Action    name: OpenFunctions
A list of all functions in the program is displayed. You can add, delete, modify functions using list viewer commands.

Listed for each function are:

        - function name
        - segment that contains the function
        - offset of the function within the segment
        - function length in bytes
        - size (in bytes) of local variables + saved registers
        - size (in bytes) of arguments passed to the function
The last column of this window has the following format:
        R - function returns to the caller
        F - far function
        L - library function
        S - static function
        B - BP based frame. IDA will automatically convert
            all frame pointer [BP+xxx] operands to stack
        T - function has type information
        = - Frame pointer is equal to the initial stack pointer
            In this case the frame pointer points to the bottom of the frame
        M - reserved
        S - reserved
        I - reserved
        C - reserved
        D - reserved
        V - reserved
See also View|Open subviews submenu.
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