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The following problems may occur:
 NOOFFSET Cannot find offset base
 NONAME   Cannot find name
 NOFORCED Cannot find alternative string for an operand
 NOCMT    Cannot find comment
 NOREF    Cannot find references
 INDIRJMP Indirect execution flow
 NODISASM Cannot disassemble
 ALREADY  Already data or code
 BOUNDS   Execution flows beyond limits
 OVERFLOW Too many lines
 BADSTACK Failed to trace the value of the stack pointer
 LOOKHERE Attention! Probably erroneous situation
 DECISION Decision to convert to instruction/data is made by IDA
 ROLLBACK The decision made by IDA was wrong and rolled back
 COLISION FLAIR collision: the function with the given name already exists
 SIGFNREF FLAIR match indecision: reference to function expected

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