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 Action    name: CreateSegment
This command allows you to create a new segment.

If you select a range using the anchor, IDA will propose the start address and the end address of the selection as defaults for the segment bounds.

You need to specify at least:

    - the segment start address
    - the segment end address (excluded from the range)
    - the segment base
Click here to learn about addressing model used in IDA.

If "sparse storage" is set, IDA will use special sparse storage method for the segment. This method is recommended for huge segments. Later, it is possible to change the storage method of any region using set_storage_type IDC function.

If another segment already exists at the specified address, the existing segment is truncated and the new segment lasts from the specified start address to the next segment (or specified end address, whichever is lower). If the old and the new segments have the same base address, instructions/data will not be discarded by IDA. Otherwise, IDA will discard all instructions/data of the new segment.

An additional segment may be created by IDA to cover the range after the end of the new segment.

See also Edit|Segments submenu.

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