Convert operand to symbolic constant (enum)

 Action    name: OpEnum
This command converts immediate operand(s) type of the current instruction/data to an enum member. Before using this command, you have to define an enumeration type.

If a range is selected using the anchor, IDA will perform 'en masse' conversion. It will convert immediate operands of all instructions in the selected range to symbolic constants. However, IDA will ask you first the lower and upper limits of immediate operand value. If the operand value is >= lower limit and <= upper limit then the operand will be converted to offset, otherwise it will be left unmodified.

When you use this command, IDA deletes the manually entered operand.

If the cursor is on the first operand (the cursor is before ',') then the first operand will be affected; otherwise all other operands will be affected.

See also:

          Edit|Operand types submenu.
          Enter #th operand manually commands.
          Set operand type
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