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//      See sample file xrefs.idc to learn to use these functions.

// Flow types (combine with XREF_USER!): #define fl_CF 16 // Call Far #define fl_CN 17 // Call Near #define fl_JF 18 // jumpto Far #define fl_JN 19 // jumpto Near #define fl_F 21 // Ordinary flow

#define XREF_USER 32 // All user-specified xref types // must be combined with this bit

// Mark exec flow 'from' 'to' success add_cref(long from, long to, long flowtype);

// Unmark exec flow 'from' 'to' // undef - make 'to' undefined if no // more references to it // returns 1 - planned to be made undefined long del_cref(long from, long to, int undef);

// The following functions include the ordinary flows: // (the ordinary flow references are returned first)

// Get first code xref from 'from' long get_first_cref_from(long From);

// Get next code xref from long get_next_cref_from(long from, long current);

// Get first code xref to 'to' long get_first_cref_to(long to);

// Get next code xref to 'to' long get_next_cref_to(long to, long current);

// The following functions don't take into account the ordinary flows: long get_first_fcref_from(long from); long get_next_fcref_from(long from, long current); long get_first_fcref_to(long to); long get_next_fcref_to(long to, long current);

// Data reference types (combine with XREF_USER!): #define dr_O 1 // Offset #define dr_W 2 // Write #define dr_R 3 // Read #define dr_T 4 // Text (names in manual operands) #define dr_I 5 // Informational

// Create Data Ref success add_dref(long From, long to, long dreftype);

// Unmark Data Ref void del_dref(long from, long to);

// Get first data xref from 'from' long get_first_dref_from(long from); long get_next_dref_from(long From, long current);

// Get first data xref to 'to' long get_first_dref_to(long to); long get_next_dref_to(long to, long current);

// returns type of the last xref // obtained by get_first_.../get_next_... // functions. Return values // are fl_... or dr_... long get_xref_type(void);

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