Change combination of the segment
  ea      - any address in the segment
  comb    - new combination of the segment, one of sc... constants
Note: it is a macro

#define set_segm_combination(ea, comb) set_segm_attr(ea, SEGATTR_COMB, comb) #define scPriv 0 // Private. Do not combine with any other program // segment. #define scPub 2 // Public. Combine by appending at an offset that meets // the alignment requirement. #define scPub2 4 // As defined by Microsoft, same as C=2 (public). #define scStack 5 // Stack. Combine as for C=2. This combine type forces // byte alignment. #define scCommon 6 // Common. Combine by overlay using maximum size. #define scPub3 7 // As defined by Microsoft, same as C=2 (public).

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