Delete a segment
  ea      - any address in the segment
  flags   - combination of SEGMOD_... flags

success del_segm(long ea, long flags);

#define SEGMOD_KILL 0x0001 // disable addresses if segment gets shrinked or deleted #define SEGMOD_KEEP 0x0002 // keep information (code & data, etc) #define SEGMOD_SILENT 0x0004 // be silent #define SEGMOD_KEEP0 0x0008 // flag for internal use, don't set #define SEGMOD_KEEPSEL 0x0010 // do not try to delete unused selector #define SEGMOD_NOMOVE 0x0020 // don't move info from the start of segment to the new start address // (for set_segm_start()) #define SEGMOD_SPARSE 0x0040 // use sparse storage if extending the segment // (for set_segm_start(), set_segm_end())

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