The following functions search for the specified byte
     ea - address to start from
     flag is combination of the following bits:
Returns BADADDR - not found

#define SEARCH_UP 0x00 // search backward #define SEARCH_DOWN 0x01 // search forward #define SEARCH_NEXT 0x02 // start the search at the next/prev item // useful only for find_text() and find_binary() // for other Find.. functions it is implicitly set #define SEARCH_CASE 0x04 // search case-sensitive // (only for bin&txt search) #define SEARCH_REGEX 0x08 // enable regular expressions (only for txt) #define SEARCH_NOBRK 0x10 // don't test ctrl-break #define SEARCH_NOSHOW 0x20 // don't display the search progress

long find_suspop(long ea, long flag); long find_code(long ea, long flag); long find_data(long ea, long flag); long find_unknown(long ea, long flag); long find_defined(long ea, long flag); long find_imm(long ea, long flag, long value); long find_text(long ea, long flag, long y, long x, string str); // y - number of text line at ea to start from (0..MAX_ITEM_LINES) // x - x coordinate in this line long find_binary(long ea, long flag, string str); // str - a string as a user enters it for Search Text in Core // example: "41 42" - find 2 bytes 41h, 42h // The default radix depends on the current IDP module // (radix for ibm pc is 16)

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