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The graph can be zoomed in and out. There are several ways of zooming the graph:
 - Use Ctrl-Wheel. The current mouse position will be the zoom center
   point (i.e. this point will not move during the zoom operation)
 - Use the predefined 'Zoom 100%' and 'Fit window' commands. They are
   available from the right-click menu or by their shortcuts: '1' and
   'W' respectively. The current mouse position is the zoom center
   point for the 'zoom 100%' command.
 - Use Ctrl-KeypadPlus or Ctrl-KeypadMinus keys. The current keyboard
   cursor is the zoom center for these commands.
 - Use Ctrl-Shift-drag. This lets you draw a rectangle to which IDA
   will zoom.
There are two options linked to the graph zooming:
 - Auto fit graph to window: will fit the current graph to the window
   size. Default: off
 - Fit window max zoom level 100%: the 'fit window' command does not
   use zoom levels higher than 100%. Default: on
The zoom level is never greater than 1000% and less than 1%. IDA remembers the current zoom level for each location in the navigation history.

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