Get name at the specified address.
     ea        - linear address
     gtn_flags - how exactly the name should be retrieved.
                 combination of GN_ bits
returns: name

string get_name(long ea, long gtn_flags=0);

// GN_ bits for get_name() function. // There is a convenience function calc_gtn_flags() to calculate the GN_LOCAL flag #define GN_VISIBLE 0x0001 // replace forbidden characters by SUBSTCHAR #define GN_COLORED 0x0002 // return colored name #define GN_DEMANGLED 0x0004 // return demangled name #define GN_STRICT 0x0008 // fail if can not demangle #define GN_SHORT 0x0010 // use short form of demangled name #define GN_LONG 0x0020 // use long form of demangled name #define GN_LOCAL 0x0040 // try to get local name first; if failed, get global #define GN_ISRET 0x0080 // for dummy names: use retloc #define GN_NOT_ISRET 0x0100 // for dummy names: do not use retloc

// Calculate flags for get_name() function static calc_gtn_flags(from, ea) { return func_contains(from, ea) ? GN_LOCAL : 0; }

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