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Rename an address
     ea - linear address
     name - new name of address. If name == "", then delete old name
     flags - combination of SN_... constants
returns: 1-ok, 0-failure

success set_name(long ea, string name, long flags=SN_CHECK);

#define SN_CHECK 0x00 // Fail if the name contains invalid characters. #define SN_NOCHECK 0x01 // Replace invalid characters silently. // If this bit is set, all invalid chars // (not in NameChars or MangleChars) will be replaced // by '_'. // List of valid characters is defined in ida.cfg #define SN_PUBLIC 0x02 // if set, make name public #define SN_NON_PUBLIC 0x04 // if set, make name non-public #define SN_WEAK 0x08 // if set, make name weak #define SN_NON_WEAK 0x10 // if set, make name non-weak #define SN_AUTO 0x20 // if set, make name autogenerated #define SN_NON_AUTO 0x40 // if set, make name non-autogenerated #define SN_NOLIST 0x80 // if set, exclude name from the list // if not set, then include the name into // the list (however, if other bits are set, // the name might be immediately excluded // from the list) #define SN_NOWARN 0x100 // don't display a warning if failed #define SN_LOCAL 0x200 // create local name. a function should exist. // local names can't be public or weak. // also they are not included into the list of names // they can't have dummy prefixes #define SN_IDBENC 0x400 // the name is given in the IDB encoding; // non-ASCII bytes will be decoded accordingly. // Specifying SN_IDBENC also implies SN_NODUMMY #define SN_FORCE 0x800 // if the specified name is already present // in the database, try variations with a // numerical suffix like "_123" #define SN_NODUMMY 0x1000 // automatically prepend the name with '_' if it // begins with a dummy suffix such as 'sub_'. // See also SN_IDBENC #define SN_DELTAIL 0x2000 // if name cannot be set because of a tail byte, // delete the hindering item

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