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Use graph view by default
        IDA switches to graph mode for each 'jump' command.
Enable graph animation
        Animate the graph layout, movement, and group collapsing/uncollapsing.
        While animation takes time, it gives the user some idea what's going on.
Draw node shadows
        Display shadows for each graph node. Shadows are not displayed
        for really huge or ridiculously small nodes.
Auto fit graph into window
        Zoom the graph so that it occupies the whole window.
Fit window max zoom level 100%
        The 'fit window' command maximal zoom level is 100%.
Re-layout graph if nodes overlap
        IDA recomputes the graph layout if a node overlap is detected.
        The presence of a custom layout (if the user has displaced
        some graph nodes) effectively turns off this option.
Re-layout graph uopn screen refresh
        IDA recomputes the graph layout at each screen refresh.
        Turning this option off accelerates IDA but then
        a manual layout might be required after some operations.
Truncate at the right margin
        All nodes at truncated at the right margin. The right margin
        is specified in the Options, General, Disassembly tab.
        This option narrows the graph but hides some information
        by truncating long lines.
Lock graph layout
        Locks the graph layout by ignoring attempts to displace
        nodes. This prevents the creation of custom layouts that might lead
        to ugly graph layouts when nodes change their sizes.

Show data references

        Show data cross-referenced items in proximity view.
Hide library functions
        Do not show data or code cross-references to library functions,
        only show cross-referenced local functions.
Unlimited children recursion
        Recurse until there are no more callees (children) of the currently
        selected central node and all of his children.
Recurse into library functions
        Displays children data or code cross-references from library
Max parents recursion
        Maximum recursion level for displaying parents of the currently
        selected central node. The value '0' disables parents recursion.
Max children recursion
        Maximum recursion level for displaying children of the currently
        selected central node. The value '0' means no maximum recursion
Max nodes per level
        Maximum number of nodes to show per level of children and parents.

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