Format value(s) as a C/C++ data initializers
     outvec - reference to the output object
              after the call will contain array of strings
     value  - value to format
     type   - type of the data to format
     options- optional object, which may have the attributes PTV_...
                     'ptvf' - combination of PTV_... constants:
                     'flags'      number representation (e.g. hex_flag(), dec_flags(), etc)
                     'max_length' max length of the formatted text (0 means no limit)
                     'arrbase'    for arrays: the first element of array to print
                     'arrnelems'  for arrays: number of elements to print
                     'margin'     length of one line (0 means to print everything on one line)
                     'indent'     how many spaces to use to indent nested structures/arrays
     info   - object to store additional information about the generated lines
              after the call will contain array of objects, each of which has:
                     'ea' - address of the line
                     'type' - typeinfo of the line (may include label for the line as 'name')
              may be specified as 0 if this info is not required
Returns: error code

long format_cdata(object &outvec, anyvalue value, typeinfo type, object options, object &info);

#define PTV_DEREF 0x0001 // take value to print from the database. // its address is specifed by value.num (default) #define PTV_QUEST 0x0002 // print '?' for uninited data #define PTV_EMPTY 0x0004 // return empty string for uninited data (default) #define PTV_CSTR 0x0008 // print constant strings inline (default) #define PTV_EXPAND 0x0010 // print only top level on separate lines // max_length applies to separate lines // margin is ignored #define PTV_LZHEX 0x0020 // print hex numbers with leading zeroes #define PTV_STPFLT 0x0040 // fail on bad floating point numbers // (if not set, just print ?flt for them) #define PTV_SPACE 0x0080 // add spaces after commas and around braces (default) #define PTV_DEBUG 0x0100 // format output for debugger

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