Remote debugging

1. Launch a remote IDA debugger server on the remote host. The remote server is started from the command line and accepts command line parameters. You can specify a password if you want to protect your debugger server from strangers. For example, to launch the server under MS Windows, you could enter:
        win32_remote -Pmy_secret_password
2. Specify the remote debugger parameters in the Debugger, Process options. The file paths must be valid on the remote host. Do not forget to specify the same password as you have specified when launching the server. For example, to debug notepad.exe on the remote computer
        Application: c:\windows\notepad.exe
        Input file:  c:\windows\notepad.exe
        Directory:   c:\windows
        Port:        23946
        Password:    my_secret_password
3. The rest of debugging is the same as with local debugging.
The debugger server can handle one debugger session at once. If you need to debug several applications simultaneously, launch several servers at different network ports.
The Windows CE debugger uses ActiveSync protocol to connect to the remote device. You do not need to launch the debugger server manually, it will be launched by IDA automatically. Click here to learn more about Windows CE debugger.
The symbian debugger uses a serial port to connect to the remote device. You need to launch the TRK module before starting IDA debugger. Click here to learn more about the Symbian debugger.

The following debugger servers are shipped with IDA

    File name        Target system      Debugged programs
 ------------------  -----------------  -----------------
 android_server      ARM Android        32-bit ELF files
 armlinux_server     ARM Linux          32-bit ELF files
 armuclinux_server   ARM UCLinux        32-bit ELF files
 linux_server        Linux 32-bit       32-bit ELF files
 linux_serverx64     Linux 64-bit       64-bit ELF files
 mac_server          Mac OS X           32-bit Mach-O files
 mac_serverx64       Mac OS X           64-bit Mach-O files
 win32_remote.exe    MS Windows 32-bit  32-bit PE files
 win64_remotex64.exe MS Windows 64-bit  64-bit PE files
 wince_remote.dll    Windows CE         32-bit PE files
An appropriate server must be started on the remote computer before starting a debug session.
 See also Start process
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          Debugger for Linux
          Debugger for Intel Mac OS X
          Debugger for Symbian OS
          Debugger for Android native code
          Remote iOS debugger
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