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 Action    name: Debugger
Opens the debugger window.

In this window, you can view the register values for the selected thread. The debugger always selects the thread where the latest debugging event occurred.

For most registers, we have two different boxes:

       - the first box (on the left) indicates the current value of the register.
         Blue indicates that the value has changed since the last debugging event.
         Purple indicates that the value has been modified by the user.
         A popup menu is available on this control, offering different commands.
       - the second box (on the right) shows the current value of the register,
         interpreted like an address (if possible).
For a segment register, we only have one box indicating the current value.

For the flags register, we have one box indicating the current value, and small boxes indicating the status of the most important flags.

A popup menu is accessible everywhere in the window, which allows the user to show or hide different parts of the window: toolbar, thread list and available register classes.

See also Debugger submenu.

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