Load PDB debug information file

 Action    name: LoadPdbFile
This command loads a PDB file.

If the program being disassembled has a companion PDB file, then this command may be used to load information from the PDB file into the database.

Please note that the PDB loader uses the system DLL IMAGEHLP.DLL to load the PDB file. The system DLL may refuse to load the PDB file if it is from another operating system version or for some other reason.

The system searches for the PDB file in the system directories (usually something like \WINNT\Symbols) and in the current directory.

The LoadPdbFile command launches a special plugin PDB.DLL which can be run manually using Edit->Plugins submenu. This plugin uses MS DIA DLLs to load the debug information and therefore can load only the PDBs compatible with the currently installed IMAGEHLP.DLL

Since PDB.DLL use the MS DIA DLLs that are available only on Windows, loading PDB information on Unix requires a different setup. The user has to launch the win32_remote.exe debugger server on a Windows computer. The PDB plugin on Unix can connect to the debugger server and use it to load PDB files. Please note that we do not debug anything here but use the win32_remote.exe utility to extract information from PDB files and transfer it to IDA. To ensure that everything works correctly, you have to provide the following things:

  - the computer where the PDB.DLL or win32_remote.exe run must have
    the Microsoft Debugging Tools installed. In case of doubt please verify
    that the dia2dump.exe utility from Microsoft can run and load PDB files
    on that computer.
  - In the case of IDA running on Unix, there must be a network connection
    between the Unix computer and the computer where win32_remote.exe runs.
    You can edit the pdb.cfg file and specify where the remote
    Windows computer is located so you do not need to specify it each
    time when IDA needs to load PDB info.
When you invoke this command a second time, it will ask for the name of the input file and its loading address. This allows the loading of PDB files for additional DLLs.
  See also
        Load... submenu commands.
        Debugger module list command.
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