Set array representation format
     ea      - linear address
     flags   - combination of AP_... constants or 0
     litems  - number of items per line. 0 means auto
     align   - element alignment:
                 -1: do not align
                 0:  automatic alignment
                 other values: element width
Returns: 1-ok, 0-failure

success set_array_params(long ea, long flags, long litems, long align);

#define AP_ALLOWDUPS 0x00000001L // use 'dup' construct #define AP_SIGNED 0x00000002L // treats numbers as signed #define AP_INDEX 0x00000004L // display array element indexes as comments #define AP_ARRAY 0x00000008L // reserved (this flag is not stored in database) #define AP_IDXBASEMASK 0x000000F0L // mask for number base of the indexes #define AP_IDXDEC 0x00000000L // display indexes in decimal #define AP_IDXHEX 0x00000010L // display indexes in hex #define AP_IDXOCT 0x00000020L // display indexes in octal #define AP_IDXBIN 0x00000030L // display indexes in binary

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