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The cross reference dialog displays a list of references to the various items. Each line has the following attributes:

Direction Up or Down. Meainingful for program address; denotes where the reference comes from, from the lower addresses than the reference target (down) or from higher addresses (up).


        The following types exist:
          o - offset, the address of the item is taken
          r - read access
          w - write access
          t - textual referenced (used for manually specified operands)
          i - informational (e.g. a derived class refers to its base class)
          J - far (intersegment) jump
          j - near (intrasegment) jump
          P - far (intersegment) call
          p - near (intrasegment) call
          ^ - ordinary flow
          s - xref from a structure
          m - xref from a structure member
          k - xref from a stack variable
        For 'xrefs to' dialogs: where the reference comes from (source)
        For 'xrefs from' dialogs: where the reference goes to (destination)
        Additional info about the cross reference
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