Debugger: options

Get/set debugger options
     opt - combination of DOPT_... constants
returns: old options

long set_debugger_options(long opt);

#define DOPT_SEGM_MSGS 0x00000001 // print messages on debugger segments modifications #define DOPT_START_BPT 0x00000002 // break on process start #define DOPT_THREAD_MSGS 0x00000004 // print messages on thread start/exit #define DOPT_THREAD_BPT 0x00000008 // break on thread start/exit #define DOPT_BPT_MSGS 0x00000010 // print message on breakpoint #define DOPT_LIB_MSGS 0x00000040 // print message on library load/unlad #define DOPT_LIB_BPT 0x00000080 // break on library load/unlad #define DOPT_INFO_MSGS 0x00000100 // print message on debugging information #define DOPT_INFO_BPT 0x00000200 // break on debugging information #define DOPT_REAL_MEMORY 0x00000400 // don't hide breakpoint instructions #define DOPT_REDO_STACK 0x00000800 // reconstruct the stack #define DOPT_ENTRY_BPT 0x00001000 // break on program entry point #define DOPT_EXCDLG 0x00006000 // exception dialogs: # define EXCDLG_NEVER 0x00000000 // never display exception dialogs # define EXCDLG_UNKNOWN 0x00002000 // display for unknown exceptions # define EXCDLG_ALWAYS 0x00006000 // always display #define DOPT_LOAD_DINFO 0x00008000 // automatically load debug files (pdb)

// *********************************************** // Set remote debugging options // hostname - remote host name or address // if empty, revert to local debugger // password - password for the debugger server // portnum - port number to connect (-1: don't change) // returns: nothing

void set_remote_debugger(string hostname, string password, long portnum);

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