Supported Processors

IDA supports more than 60 families of processors. The source code of some processor modules is available in our free SDK.

IDA Starter Edition

IDA Starter Edition supports the following processor families (64-bit analysis is possible only with the IDA Professional Edition)

IDA Professional Edition

IDA Professional Edition supports all the IDA Starter processors listed above plus the more complex ones listed below, providing more opportunities to analyze code.

Analysis of 64 bit programs is possible with the IDA Professional.

Debugger Modules

In IDA Starter the Dalvik Debugger is not included. In IDA Pro all debugger modules are available.

Visit out processor gallery

The list of supported processor/OS/file format combinations is so large that it is not easy to enumerate it. Please look at our gallery contains disassembly samples across a wide number of processors.

Unsupported Processors

If your target processor is not included in the list above, you have two options:

  1. Ask us to add support for the processor sometime in the future: we welcome your feedback about which processors should be added to IDA Pro.
  2. Use our SDK and develop your own (free to all, but unsupported).