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ST 7

Assembler code
seg000:1235 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- seg000:1235 sub a, ($77,x) seg000:1237 cp a, ($77,y) seg000:123A sbc a, ($77,y) seg000:123D cp y, ($77,y) seg000:1240 and a, ($77,y) seg000:1243 bcp a, ($77,y) seg000:1246 ld a, ($77,y) seg000:1249 ld ($77,y), a seg000:124C xor a, ($77,y) seg000:124F adc a, ($77,y) seg000:1252 or a, ($77,y) seg000:1255 add a, ($77,y) seg000:1258 jp ($77,y) seg000:125B ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- seg000:125B call ($77,y) seg000:125E ld y, ($77,y) seg000:1261 ld ($77,y), y seg000:1264 sub a, (y) seg000:1266 cp a, (y) seg000:1268 sbc a, (y) seg000:126A cp y, (y) seg000:126C and a, (y) seg000:126E bcp a, (y) seg000:1270 ld a, (y) seg000:1272 ld (y), a seg000:1274 xor a, (y) seg000:1276 adc a, (y) seg000:1278 or a, (y) seg000:127A add a, (y) seg000:127C jp (y) seg000:127E ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- seg000:127E call (y) seg000:1280 ld y, (y) seg000:1282 ld (y), y
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