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Assembler code
.text:000BA990 bl loc_BA968 .text:000BA994 mov %l5, %o0 ! uid .text:000BA998 .text:000BA998 loc_BA998: ! CODE XREF: perform_flag_actions+2C↑j .text:000BA998 ldsh [%i0], %l7 .text:000BA99C btst 1, %l7 .text:000BA9A0 be loc_BA9F8 .text:000BA9A4 mov 0x7F, %i2 .text:000BA9A8 call getgid .text:000BA9AC nop .text:000BA9B0 call setgid .text:000BA9B4 nop .text:000BA9B8 tst %o0 .text:000BA9BC bne loc_BA9EC .text:000BA9C0 nop .text:000BA9C4 call getuid .text:000BA9C8 nop .text:000BA9CC call setuid .text:000BA9D0 nop .text:000BA9D4 tst %o0 .text:000BA9D8 bne loc_BA9EC .text:000BA9DC nop .text:000BA9E0 ldsh [%i0], %l7 .text:000BA9E4 ba loc_BA9FC .text:000BA9E8 btst 2, %l7 .text:000BA9EC ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .text:000BA9EC .text:000BA9EC loc_BA9EC: ! CODE XREF: perform_flag_actions+A4↑j .text:000BA9EC ! perform_flag_actions+C0↑j .text:000BA9EC call _private_exit .text:000BA9F0 mov %i2, %o0 ! pid .text:000BA9F4 ldsh [%i0], %l7 .text:000BA9F8 .text:000BA9F8 loc_BA9F8: ! CODE XREF: perform_flag_actions+88↑j .text:000BA9F8 btst 2, %l7
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