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Assembler code
.text:0001171C ! =========================================================================== .text:0001171C .text:0001171C ! Segment type: Pure code .text:0001171C .text .text:0001171C .text:0001171C ! =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= .text:0001171C .text:0001171C .text:0001171C .global _start .text:0001171C _start: ! DATA XREF: LOAD:00010018↑o .text:0001171C ! LOAD:00010628↑o ... .text:0001171C .text:0001171C arg_40 = 0x40 .text:0001171C arg_44 = 0x44 .text:0001171C .text:0001171C mov 0, %fp ! Alternative name is '_ex_text0' .text:00011720 ld [%sp+arg_40], %l0 .text:00011724 add %sp, arg_44, %l1 .text:00011728 sethi %hi(___Argv), %o1 .text:0001172C st %l1, [%o1+%lo(___Argv)] .text:00011730 sll %l0, 2, %l2 .text:00011734 inc 4, %l2 .text:00011738 add %l1, %l2, %l2 .text:0001173C sethi %hi(environ), %l3 .text:00011740 st %l2, [%l3+%lo(environ)] .text:00011744 set 0, %l5 .text:0001174C tst %l5 .text:00011750 be loc_117BC .text:00011754 nop .text:00011758 sll %l5, 2, %l6 .text:0001175C and %l6, 0x300, %l7 .text:00011760 and %l5, 0x3F, %l6 .text:00011764 bset %l6, %l7 .text:00011768 sll %l7, 22, %l5 .text:0001176C set __crt_scratch, %l4
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