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Assembler code
__text:000036F8 __text:000036F8 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= __text:000036F8 __text:000036F8 __text:000036F8 sub_36F8: # CODE XREF: sub_3578:loc_3610↑p __text:000036F8 __text:000036F8 .set sender_sp, -0x60 __text:000036F8 .set var_20, -0x20 __text:000036F8 .set var_4, -4 __text:000036F8 .set sender_lr, 8 __text:000036F8 __text:000036F8 mflr r0 __text:000036FC stw r31, var_4(r1) __text:00003700 stw r0, sender_lr(r1) __text:00003704 stwu r1, sender_sp(r1) __text:00003708 bcl 20, 4*cr7+so, loc_370C __text:0000370C __text:0000370C loc_370C: __text:0000370C mflr r31 __text:00003710 addis r3, r31, (aDyldMakeDelaye - loc_370C)@ha __text:00003714 addi r3, r3, (aDyldMakeDelaye - loc_370C)@l # "__dyld_make_delayed_module_initializer_"... __text:00003718 addi r4, r1, 0x60+var_20 __text:0000371C bl sub_3794 __text:00003720 lwz r12, 0x60+var_20(r1) __text:00003724 mtctr r12 __text:00003728 bctrl __text:0000372C lwz r0, 0x60+sender_lr(r1) __text:00003730 addi r1, r1, 0x60 __text:00003734 mtlr r0 __text:00003738 lwz r31, var_4(r1) __text:0000373C blr __text:0000373C # End of function sub_36F8 __text:0000373C __text:00003740 __text:00003740 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= __text:00003740 __text:00003740 __text:00003740 sub_3740: # CODE XREF: sub_3578+24↑p __text:00003740 lis r11, dword_140A0@ha
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