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Power PC Linux ELF

Assembler code
.text:01802348 .text:01802348 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= .text:01802348 .text:01802348 # Attributes: noreturn .text:01802348 .text:01802348 sub_1802348: # CODE XREF: sub_1802F9C:def_18030F4↓p .text:01802348 # sub_1802F9C+2F4↓p .text:01802348 .text:01802348 .set back_chain, -0x10 .text:01802348 .set var_8, -8 .text:01802348 .set var_4, -4 .text:01802348 .set sender_lr, 4 .text:01802348 .text:01802348 stwu r1, back_chain(r1) .text:0180234C mflr r0 .text:01802350 stw r30, 0x10+var_8(r1) .text:01802354 stw r31, 0x10+var_4(r1) .text:01802358 stw r0, 0x10+sender_lr(r1) .text:0180235C bl loc_1802360 .text:01802360 .text:01802360 loc_1802360: # DATA XREF: .text:off_1802344↑o .text:01802360 mflr r30 .text:01802364 lwz r0, (off_1802344 - loc_1802360)(r30) .text:01802368 add r30, r0, r30 .text:0180236C lwz r3, (off_185CF04 - 0x1864F00)(r30) # _IO_stderr_ # stream .text:01802370 lwz r9, (off_185CF00 - 0x1864F00)(r30) # off_185DE7C .text:01802374 lwz r4, (off_185CF08 - 0x1864F00)(r30) # "Usage: %s [-panyrcdfvstFSV] [-b superbl"... .text:01802378 lwz r5, (off_185DE7C - 0x185DE7C)(r9) # "e2fsck" .text:0180237C bl .fprintf .text:01802380 li r3, 0x10 # status .text:01802384 bl .exit .text:01802384 # End of function sub_1802348 .text:01802384 .text:01802384 # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .text:01802388 off_1802388: .long off_185CF00+0x8000 - loc_18023B0 .text:01802388 # DATA XREF: sub_180238C+28↓r
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