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PIC 12xx

Assembler code
CODE:0011 ; assume bank = 0 CODE:0011 CODE:0011 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= CODE:0011 CODE:0011 CODE:0011 sub_CODE_11: ; CODE XREF: RESET+189↓p CODE:0011 comf BANK0:R9, w CODE:0012 xorwf BANK0:R10, w CODE:0013 xorwf BANK0:R11, w CODE:0014 movwf BANK0:R15 CODE:0015 call sub_CODE_4 CODE:0016 movwf BANK0:R6 CODE:0017 btfsc BANK0:R5, 1 CODE:0018 swapf BANK0:R6, w CODE:0019 xorwf BANK0:R15, f CODE:001A comf BANK0:R12, w CODE:001B xorwf BANK0:R13, w CODE:001C xorwf BANK0:R14, w CODE:001D movwf BANK0:R16 CODE:001E call sub_CODE_5 CODE:001F movwf BANK0:R6 CODE:0020 btfsc BANK0:R5, 0 CODE:0021 swapf BANK0:R6, w CODE:0022 xorwf BANK0:R16, f CODE:0023 retlw 0 CODE:0023 ; End of function sub_CODE_11 CODE:0023 CODE:0024 CODE:0024 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= CODE:0024 CODE:0024 CODE:0024 sub_CODE_24: ; CODE XREF: RESET+C2↓p CODE:0024 ; RESET+D7↓p ... CODE:0024 comf BANK0:R9, w CODE:0025 xorlw 17
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