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80×86 Architecture: QNX Executable

Assembler code
cseg_01:0000A3A1 mov [ebp-8], edx cseg_01:0000A3A4 mov edx, 0Eh cseg_01:0000A3A9 call __setmagicvar_ cseg_01:0000A3AE mov eax, cs cseg_01:0000A3B0 mov edx, 0Dh cseg_01:0000A3B5 mov [ebp-8], ax cseg_01:0000A3B9 lea eax, [ebp-8] cseg_01:0000A3BC mov ebx, 0A34Ah cseg_01:0000A3C1 call __setmagicvar_ cseg_01:0000A3C6 mov eax, 1 cseg_01:0000A3CB mov off_C304, ebx cseg_01:0000A3D1 call __InitRtns cseg_01:0000A3D6 mov eax, dword_C314 cseg_01:0000A3DB add eax, 3 cseg_01:0000A3DE and al, 0FCh cseg_01:0000A3E0 xor edx, edx cseg_01:0000A3E2 sub esp, eax cseg_01:0000A3E4 mov ecx, esp cseg_01:0000A3E6 mov ebx, dword_C314 cseg_01:0000A3EC mov eax, ecx cseg_01:0000A3EE call memset_ cseg_01:0000A3F3 mov eax, ecx cseg_01:0000A3F5 mov edx, [ebp-4] cseg_01:0000A3F8 call __QNXInit_ cseg_01:0000A3FD mov ebx, esi cseg_01:0000A3FF mov eax, 0FFh cseg_01:0000A404 mov ecx, 2000h cseg_01:0000A409 call __InitRtns cseg_01:0000A40E mov dword_C318, ecx cseg_01:0000A414 mov eax, edi cseg_01:0000A416 push ds cseg_01:0000A417 pop es cseg_01:0000A418 assume es:dseg_01 cseg_01:0000A418 call sub_A010 cseg_01:0000A41D call exit_
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