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Panasonic MN102

Assembler code
IROM:00080008 IROM:00080008 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= IROM:00080008 IROM:00080008 ; IRQ Manager IROM:00080008 IROM:00080008 ; public IRQMANAGER_ IROM:00080008 IRQMANAGER_: IROM:00080008 ADD 0x000000E2, SP ; 'รข' IROM:0008000A MOVX D3, (0x00000008,SP) IROM:0008000D MOV A0, (0x00000018,SP) IROM:0008000F MOV MDR, D3 IROM:00080011 MOV D3, (0x0000001C,SP) IROM:00080013 MOVX D0, (0x00000014,SP) IROM:00080016 MOVX D1, (0x00000010,SP) IROM:00080019 MOVX D2, (0x0000000C,SP) IROM:0008001C MOV A1, (0x00000004,SP) IROM:0008001E MOV A2, (0x00000000,SP) IROM:00080020 MOV 0x00000001, D3 IROM:00080022 MOVB D3, (0x00000003,SP) IROM:00080025 MOV SP, A2 IROM:00080027 MOV PSW, D3 IROM:00080029 MOV (IAGR), D0 ; Interrupt accept group number register IROM:0008002C ADD off_80368, D0 IROM:00080031 MOV D0, A0 IROM:00080033 MOV (0x00000000,A0), A0 IROM:00080035 AND 0x0000EFFF, PSW IROM:00080039 BTST 0x00002000, D3 IROM:0008003D BNE loc_80058 IROM:0008003F OR 0x00001000, PSW IROM:00080043 MOV (tbyte_8000), A1 IROM:00080047 ADD 0x00000000, A1 IROM:00080049 BEQ loc_80054 IROM:0008004B MOV (tbyte_8000), A1 IROM:0008004F MOV SP, (0x00000008,A1) IROM:00080051 MOV unk_8186, SP
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