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MIPS R5900 Processor : Sony bin

Assembler code
.text:001A5498 .text:001A5498 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= .text:001A5498 .text:001A5498 .text:001A5498 .globl SysTimerGet .text:001A5498 SysTimerGet: .text:001A5498 .text:001A5498 var_s0 = 0 .text:001A5498 .text:001A5498 addiu $sp, -0x10 .text:001A549C lui $a0, 0x41 # 'A' .text:001A54A0 sd $ra, var_s0($sp) .text:001A54A4 li $a0, sysTimerVarG .text:001A54A8 lui $a1, 0x1000 .text:001A54AC lw $v0, (dword_416244 - 0x416238)($a0) .text:001A54B0 lw $v1, 0x10000000 .text:001A54B4 lwu $a2, (dword_416240 - 0x416238)($a0) .text:001A54B8 sll $v0, 21 .text:001A54BC dsll32 $v0, 0 .text:001A54C0 li $a1, 0x3D86 .text:001A54C4 daddu $v1, $a2 .text:001A54C8 dsrl32 $v0, 0 .text:001A54CC daddu $v1, $v0 .text:001A54D0 dsll $a0, $v1, 5 .text:001A54D4 dsubu $a0, $v1 .text:001A54D8 dsll $a0, 2 .text:001A54DC daddu $a0, $v1 .text:001A54E0 jal __divdi3 .text:001A54E4 dsll $a0, 3 .text:001A54E8 ld $ra, var_s0($sp) .text:001A54EC dsll32 $v0, 0 .text:001A54F0 dsra32 $v0, 0 .text:001A54F4 jr $ra .text:001A54F8 addiu $sp, 0x10 .text:001A54F8 # End of function SysTimerGet .text:001A54F8 .text:001A54F8 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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