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// Segment type: Pure code public synchronized void reset() max_stack 4 max_locals 2 { invokestatic // CODE XREF: <init>+5↑P astore_1 // met004_slot001 aload_1 // met004_slot001 instanceof ifeq met004_47 aload_0 // met004_slot000 aload_1 // met004_slot001 checkcast putfield scope aload_0 // met004_slot000 new java.lang.StringBuffer dup ldc "installing " invokespecial java.lang.StringBuffer.<init>(java.lang.String) aload_1 // met004_slot001 invokevirtual java.lang.StringBuffer.append(java.lang.Object) ldc " as the scope for signers." invokevirtual java.lang.StringBuffer.append(java.lang.String) invokevirtual java.lang.StringBuffer.toString() invokevirtual debug(java.lang.String) goto met004_53 met004_47: // CODE XREF: reset+8↑j aload_0 // met004_slot000 ldc "no signer scope found."
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