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Assembler code
code:0000006B code:0000006B ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= code:0000006B code:0000006B ; External interrupt 6 code:0000006B code:0000006B ; public IEX6 code:0000006B IEX6: code:0000006B mov R7, A code:0000006C addc A, RAM_0 code:0000006E addc A, RESERVED00FF ; RESERVED code:00000070 addc A, @R0 code:00000071 addc A, @R1 code:00000072 addc A, R0 code:00000073 addc A, R1 code:00000074 addc A, R2 code:00000075 addc A, R3 code:00000076 addc A, R4 code:00000077 addc A, R5 code:00000078 addc A, R6 code:00000079 addc A, R7 code:0000007A ajmp IEX2+2 ; External interrupt 2 code:0000007A ; End of function IEX6 code:0000007A code:0000007A ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- code:0000007C .byte 0x54 ; T code:0000007D .byte 0 code:0000007E .word 0x54FF code:00000080 .byte 0x55, 0, 0x55 code:00000083 code:00000083 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= code:00000083 code:00000083 ; Serial channel 1 code:00000083 code:00000083 ; public RI1_TI1 code:00000083 RI1_TI1: code:00000083 mov R7, A
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