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ATMEL AVR Disassembler

Assembler code
.text:0000003B .text:0000003B ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= .text:0000003B .text:0000003B .text:0000003B ; public qsort .text:0000003B qsort: ; CODE XREF: sub_41+1DE↓p .text:0000003B ldi r26, 0xA .text:0000003C ldi r27, 0 .text:0000003D ldi r30, (sub_41 & 0xFF) .text:0000003E ldi r31, (sub_41 >> 8) .text:0000003F jmp __prologue_saves__ .text:0000003F ; End of function qsort .text:0000003F .text:00000041 .text:00000041 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= .text:00000041 .text:00000041 .text:00000041 sub_41: ; DATA XREF: qsort+2↑o .text:00000041 ; qsort+3↑o .text:00000041 movw r4, r24 .text:00000042 movw r8, r22 .text:00000043 movw r6, r20 .text:00000044 movw r2, r18 .text:00000045 std Y+5, r20 .text:00000046 std Y+6, r7 .text:00000047 clr r18 .text:00000048 clr r19 .text:00000049 sub r18, r20 .text:0000004A sbc r19, r21 .text:0000004B std Y+8, r19 .text:0000004C std Y+7, r18 .text:0000004D .text:0000004D loc_4D: ; CODE XREF: sub_41+1EB↓j .text:0000004D ldi r19, 7 .text:0000004E cp r8, r19
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