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ARM Processor: Windows CE COFF Format

Assembler code
.text:00000078 MOVS R3, R0 .text:0000007C BNE loc_58 .text:00000080 MOV R0, #0x200 .text:00000084 ADD R0, SP, R0 .text:00000088 BL OutputDebugStringW .text:0000008C CMP R6, #0 .text:00000090 MOV R0, R6 .text:00000094 MOVLE R0, #0 .text:00000098 ADD SP, SP, #0x600 .text:0000009C LDMFD SP, {R4-R6,SP,PC} .text:0000009C ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .text:000000A0 off_A0 DCD __imp_vsprintf ; DATA XREF: DbgPrint:$M4755↑r .text:000000A0 ; End of function DbgPrint .text:000000A0 .text:000000A0 ; .text ends .text:000000A0 .pdata:000000A4 ; =========================================================================== .pdata:000000A4 .pdata:000000A4 ; Segment type: Pure data .pdata:000000A4 AREA .pdata, DATA, READONLY .pdata:000000A4 ; ORG 0xA4 .pdata:000000A4 ; COMDAT (pick associative to section at 10) .pdata:000000A4 $T4757 DCD DbgPrint ; Function start .pdata:000000A8 DCD 0x40002504 ; Function end: A4, prolog end: 20, 32-bit: 1, has EH: 0 .pdata:000000A8 ; .pdata ends .pdata:000000A8 UNDEF:000000B0 ; =========================================================================== UNDEF:000000B0 UNDEF:000000B0 ; Segment type: Externs UNDEF:000000B0 IMPORT OutputDebugStringW UNDEF:000000B0 ; CODE XREF: DbgPrint+78↑p UNDEF:000000B4 IMPORT __imp_vsprintf ; DATA XREF: DbgPrint:$M4755↑o UNDEF:000000B4 ; DbgPrint:off_A0↑o UNDEF:000000B4 UNDEF:000000B4 END
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