IDA Gallery: 78k0s

IDA Disassembler : NEC 78k0 and 78k0s Processor

These NEC microcontrollers are available under many part numbers, which are all supported by the IDA Disassembler. IDA is the most powerful disassembler available for that line.


uPD78075B, uPD78078, uPD78078Y, uPD78070A, uPD78070AY, uPD780058, uPD780058Y, uPD780065, uPD780078, uPD780078Y, uPD780034AS, uPD780024AS uPD780034A, uPD780024A, uPD780034AY, uPD780024AY, uPD780988, uPD780208, uPD780232, uPD78044F, uPD780354, uPD780344, uPD780354Y, uPD780344Y, uPD780338, uPD780328, uPD780318, uPD780308, uPD780308Y, uPD78064B, uPD78064, uPD78064Y, uPD78098B, uPD780702Y, uPD780833Y, uPD780958, uPD780852, uPD780828B, uPD780101, uPD780102, uPD780103, uPD78F010


uPD789046, uPD789026, uPD789074, uPD789088, uPD789062, uPD789052, uPD789177Y, uPD789167Y, uPD789177, uPD789167, uPD789134A, uPD789124A, uPD789114A, uPD789104A, uPD789842, uPD789417A
uPD789407A, uPD789456, uPD789446, uPD789436, uPD789426, uPD789316, uPD789306, uPD789467, uPD789327, uPD789835, uPD789830, uPD789479, uPD789489, uPD789800, uPD789862, uPD789861, uPD789860, uPD789850, uPD789871, uPD789881, uPD78F9026, uPD78F9046, uPD78F9076, uPD78F9116
uPD78F9136, uPD78F9177, uPD78F9306, uPD78F9316, uPD78F9328, uPD78F9418, uPDF78F9436, uPD78F9456, uPD78F9468, uPD78F9478, uPD78F9488, uPD78F9801, uPD78F9842, uPD78F9850

78k0 disassembler sample screen

78k0s disassembler sample screen