IDA Disassembler : 6811 Disassembler

The 68HC11 is a powerful 8-bit data, 16-bit address microcontroller from Motorola. IDA is, without any doubts, the most powerful 6811 disassembler. Here are a few part numbers of that huge family: 68HC11D0, 68HC11D3, 68HC711D3, 68HC11E0, 68HC11E1, 68HC11E9, 68HC11EA9, 68HC711E9, 68HC11E20, 68HC711E20, 68HC11F1, 68HC11K0, 68HC11K1, 68HC11K4, 68HC11KS1, 68HC11KS2, 68HC711KS2, 68HC11P1, 68HC11P2