IDA: What's new in 6.6

x64 Decompiler

It was tough and it required even more research than was planned but finally it arrived. The 64-bit decompiler for x64 code is as simple to use as our other decompilers, and fast as well. Below is very short disassembly listing and the decompiler's output for it:

Naturally, it is the very first version and some edges are still rough, but overall it can handle real world code very well.

Dalvik Debugger

Since Android devices become more and more popular, we implemented a debugger for them. It can debug both on the Dalvik bytecode level and on the source code level. Below is a picture showing the bytecode debugging:

And this is the same application on the source code level:

Naturally, the user can switch between the two views any time.

IDA knows about the Dalvik objects and show them in a structured way (if the debug info was not stripped):

Please see our Dalvik debugging tutorial for more info!

PySide is shipped with IDA

The title says it all. Since it is easy to create nice interactive plugins with PySide, we decided to include it with IDA. Now all IDA copies will have it properly installed and configured, so as a plugin writer you can rely on its existence!

UI improvements

Many small but useful features have been added or improved. Here's just a few:

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