Here is a list of all modules:
 Number format property bitsUsed in number_format_t::props
 Type string related declarationsType related functions and class
 Local variable property bitsUsed in lvar_t::flags
 saved user lvar info property bitsUsed in lvar_saved_info_t::flags
 lvar_uservec_t property bitsUsed in lvar_uservec_t::ulv_flags
 Batch decompilation bits
 Microcode error codes
 C operator writing stylesUsed in operator_info_t::fixtype
 C operator attributesUsed in operator_info_t::flags
 Ctree visitor property bitsUsed in ctree_visitor_t::cv_flags
 Expression attributesUsed in cexpr_t::exflags
 get_label_num control
 ctree item iflags bits
 cfunc state bits
 User interface definitions
 Properties of pseudocode windowUsed in vdui_t::flags