Ctree visitor property bits

Used in ctree_visitor_t::cv_flags. More...


#define CV_FAST   0x0000
 do not maintain parent information
#define CV_PRUNE   0x0001
 this bit is set by visit...() to prune the walk
#define CV_PARENTS   0x0002
 maintain parent information
#define CV_POST   0x0004
 call the leave...() functions
#define CV_RESTART   0x0008
 restart enumeration at the top expr (apply_to_exprs)
#define CV_INSNS   0x0010
 visit only statements, prune all expressions More...

Detailed Description

Used in ctree_visitor_t::cv_flags.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CV_INSNS   0x0010

visit only statements, prune all expressions

do not use before the final ctree maturity because expressions may contain statements at intermediate stages (see cot_insn). Otherwise you risk missing statements embedded into expressions.


Definition at line 5479 of file hexrays.hpp.

Referenced by ctree_visitor_t::only_insns().