mop_t Member List

This is the complete list of members for mop_t, including all inherited members.

_make_blkref(int blknum)mop_t
_make_callinfo(mcallinfo_t *fi)mop_t
_make_cases(mcases_t *_cases)mop_t
_make_gvar(ea_t ea)mop_t
_make_insn(minsn_t *ins)mop_t
_make_lvar(mbl_array_t *mba, int idx, sval_t off=0)mop_t
_make_pair(mop_pair_t *_pair)mop_t
_make_reg(mreg_t reg)mop_t
_make_reg(mreg_t reg, int _size) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
_make_stkvar(mbl_array_t *mba, sval_t off)mop_t
_make_strlit(const char *str)mop_t
_make_strlit(qstring *str) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
a (defined in mop_t)mop_t
apply_ld_mcode(mcode_t mcode, ea_t ea, int newsize)mop_t
apply_xds(ea_t ea, int newsize) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
apply_xdu(ea_t ea, int newsize) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
assign(const mop_t &rop) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
b (defined in mop_t)mop_t
c (defined in mop_t)mop_t
change_size(int nsize, side_effect_t sideff=WITH_SIDEFF)mop_t
create_from_insn(const minsn_t *m)mop_t
create_from_ivlset(mbl_array_t *mba, const ivlset_t &ivs, sval_t fullsize)mop_t
create_from_mlist(mbl_array_t *mba, const mlist_t &lst, sval_t fullsize)mop_t
create_from_scattered_vdloc(mbl_array_t *mba, const char *name, tinfo_t type, const vdloc_t &loc)mop_t
create_from_vdloc(mbl_array_t *mba, const vdloc_t &loc, int _size)mop_t
cstr (defined in mop_t)mop_t
d (defined in mop_t)mop_t
double_size(side_effect_t sideff=WITH_SIDEFF) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
dstr(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
empty(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
equal_mops(const mop_t &rop, int eqflags) constmop_t
erase(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
erase_but_keep_size(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
f (defined in mop_t)mop_t
for_all_ops(mop_visitor_t &mv, const tinfo_t *type=NULL, bool is_target=false)mop_t
for_all_scattered_submops(scif_visitor_t &sv) constmop_t
fpc (defined in mop_t)mop_t
g (defined in mop_t)mop_t
get_insn(mcode_t code) constmop_t
get_insn(mcode_t code) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
get_stkoff(sval_t *p_off) constmop_t
get_stkvar(uval_t *p_off) constmop_t
has_side_effects(bool include_ldx_and_divs=false) constmop_t
helper (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is01(void) constmop_t
is_arglist(void) constmop_t
is_bit_reg(mreg_t reg)mop_tstatic
is_bit_reg(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_cc(void) constmop_t
is_ccflags(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_constant(uint64 *out=NULL, bool is_signed=true) constmop_t
is_equal_to(uint64 n, bool is_signed=true) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_extended_from(int nbytes, bool is_signed) constmop_t
is_glbaddr() constmop_t
is_glbaddr(ea_t ea) constmop_t
is_impptr_done(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_insn(void) constmop_t
is_insn(mcode_t code) constmop_t
is_kreg(void) constmop_t
is_mob(int serial) constmop_t
is_negative_constant(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_one(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_positive_constant(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_reg(void) constmop_t
is_reg(mreg_t _r) constmop_t
is_reg(mreg_t _r, int _size) constmop_t
is_scattered(void) constmop_t
is_sign_extended_from(int nbytes) constmop_t
is_stkaddr() constmop_t
is_udt(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_undef_val(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_zero(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
is_zero_extended_from(int nbytes) constmop_t
l (defined in mop_t)mop_t
lexcompare (defined in mop_t)mop_tfriend
lexcompare(const mop_t &rop) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
make_blkref(int blknum)mop_t
make_first_half(int width)mop_t
make_fpnum(const void *bytes, size_t _size)mop_t
make_gvar(ea_t ea)mop_t
make_helper(const char *name)mop_t
make_high_half(int width)mop_t
make_insn(minsn_t *ins)mop_t
make_low_half(int width)mop_t
make_number(uint64 _value, int _size, ea_t _ea=BADADDR, int opnum=0)mop_t
make_reg(mreg_t reg)mop_t
make_reg(mreg_t reg, int _size) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
make_reg_pair(int loreg, int hireg, int halfsize)mop_t
make_second_half(int width)mop_t
may_use_aliased_memory(void) constmop_t
mop_t(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
mop_t(const mop_t &rop) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
mop_t(mreg_t _r, int _s) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
nnn (defined in mop_t)mop_t
operator!=(const mop_t &rop) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
operator<(const mop_t &rop) constmop_t
operator=(const mop_t &rop) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
operator==(const mop_t &rop) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
pair (defined in mop_t)mop_t
preserve_side_effects(mblock_t *blk, minsn_t *top, bool *moved_calls=NULL)mop_t
print(qstring *vout, int shins_flags=SHINS_SHORT|SHINS_VALNUM) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
probably_floating(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
r (defined in mop_t)mop_t
s (defined in mop_t)mop_t
scif (defined in mop_t)mop_t
set_impptr_done(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
set_udt(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
set_undef_val(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
shift_mop(int offset)mop_t
signed_value(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
swap(mop_t &rop) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
unsigned_value(void) const (defined in mop_t)mop_t
value(bool is_signed) constmop_t
zero(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t
~mop_t(void) (defined in mop_t)mop_t