Hex-Rays Plugin Contest Results 2016

This year, we have examined the plugins of 8 contestants, for a grand total of 10 plugins of overall very high quality, which bring many interesting additional features and, dare we say, dimensions to IDA.

Among those, we had to choose three.

...well, in fact we were having a hard time figuring out exactly which one should win the third place, so we decided to award a third prize to two of them.

Here's the final ranking:

Congratulations to the winners!

Below is the full list of submissions:

Final notes

As always, many thanks to all the participants for their useful and interesting submissions. We are looking forward to the next contest!

The usual disclaimer

Please be aware that all files come from third parties. While we did our best to verify them, we cannot guarantee that they work as advertised, so use them at your own risk.

For the plugin support questions, please contact the authors.

Date: 23 September 2016